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Locate Our Bitcoin ATM’s

Afro-caribbean Supermarket

36 Duke Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1HY


Oakwood Food Centre

67-69 Bramley Rd, London N14 4EY 

Blue Nile

8 Winchester Rd London N9 9EB 

Sandwich Bar

21 Newton St London WC2B 5EL 

We Install Bitcoin And Other Cryptocoin ATMs In All The


United Kingdom To Offer The Service Of Buying And Selling Cryptocurrencies Easily And Quickly,


With User-Friendly ATM’s And Without Complications.

Our Purpose


In DBS Coins, we understand that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users want to have access to them anywhere and under any circumstance, which is why we have combined the management technology behind the big banking figures, to offer our customers the best service of Bitcoin ATMs. The purpose of DBS Coins is to be the bridge between users and their digital money, in a remote, easy and efficient way, so that they can continue their daily activities without delays or Issues.